Avoiding Ash: 6 Ways to Keep Your Skin Moisturized & Looking Smooth!

    #1 Avoid scratching!

    1. It can cause flakey skin, making your ashiness worse. And you don’t want to look like you have fleas or something. If your scratching is enough to lift up the outer layer of your skin, then you are most likely causing irritation which can cause your skin to be susceptible to bacteria. This can lead to infections and skin lesions which put your skin in an even worse state of health. We know that scratching may be an involuntary habit which is why we want to help you find ways to minimize your ash in skincare safe ways. If you’re prone to dull, itchy, dry skin or you just suffer from the appearance of it, try exfoliating with a moisturizing sugar scrub. Keep reading because further down the list we explain the benefits of exfoliating in more depth. 
      1. #2 Take it easy on hot baths.

        There’s nothing wrong with a little well deserved weekly relaxation, but keep the time to a minimum. If you find yourself taking more baths than showers, then try not to soak longer than 20 minutes. You’ve also got to keep temperature in mind. Water has the ability to open your pores allowing dirt to wash away more easily, but much like with your hair, water can reduce the natural oils in your skin. If you’re a shower person, the water temp shouldn’t be set above 112 degrees fahrenheit and your shower time should be no more than 15 minutes long. We know what you're thinking “That's my only me-time of the day!” Think of it this way, by doing away with two hour showers, you’re saving your skin and reducing your water bill. Another thing you may want to consider is the amount of soap you’re using to cleanse your body. A palm full of liquid soap or a simple lathered layer of bar soap is enough. Remember, everything in moderation. Your skin has a gland underneath the pores called the sebaceous gland. If you have oily or combo skin then you may be familiar with this gland’s function. For those with dry skin, this gland creates an oily substance known as sebum. Sebum protects your skin to keep it healthy and also serves as a natural moisturizer. Soap lifts away and removes dirt and oil, but too much can remove your natural oil and make your skin feel dry and look ashy.

          #3 Exfoliate at least once a week.

          You have sea salt or sugar scrub options to choose from as an exfoliant. Using a scrub is a healthier way to get rid of dead skin so that your soft, smooth skin can shine. We suggest a sugar scrub instead of a salt scrub if you have dry skin because it’s less drying. Sugar also contains glycolic acid which helps to condition and moisturize the skin. Besides shedding dead skin, another very important benefit of exfoliating is the stimulation of blood flow. Dy, ashy skin usually has a flushed tone appearance that can make you look less vibrant; and this is due to the lack of blood circulation. Encouraged circulation of the blood brings blood closer to the surface of your skin and brings back your natural radiance.

            #4 Use a quality soap for your skin type.

            Generic soap brands may be more ideal for your pockets and can get the job done when it comes to cleansing your skin but they can also have some drawbacks. These soaps tend to have a higher Ph which can strip the moisture right out of your skin leaving you extra dry after a bath or shower. Less than quality soaps often contain caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, which is very abrasive and can likely cause irritation to your skin. When looking for a good soap you should look for a firm bar that gives a smooth, creamy lather or a moisturizing liquid without all the harsh sulfates. This will ensure that your skin gets the right kinda clean and stays moisturized long after you’ve rinsed off.

              #5 Drink plenty of water.

              It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Water is your skin's best friend. If you are drinking a good amount of water a day - the recommendation is half your body weight in ounces - your skin will appear plump, hydrated, healthy and luminous. Lack of hydration in the body can give your skin a tired, dull look. Sodas and other beverages that are high in sugar can sometimes cause moderate to acute skin problems. Another point worth mentioning is that consuming drinks with high refined sugar content can restrict your collagen production and amplify insulin production which can lead to inflammation and clogged pores. 

              #6 Use body creams instead of lotions.

              It’s a common scenario to either lotion your body in the morning or skip this step altogether and by lunchtime, your ankles are dry, your heels are revealing their cracks and your elbows feel rough. Most lotions are water-based and too thin to supply the proper amount of moisture that your skin needs especially in cold weather months. And lotions that contain alcohol and chemicals used for fragrance purposes can pull moisture from your skin causing it to reveal dry, ashy skin. Using a body cream like Something For That Ash is a better choice because it acts a sealant that provides a barrier that keeps skin ultra-hydrated and helps lock in moisture for hours on end.

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