• Kiss Your Ash Goodbye!

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After This, There Will Be No Other!

With ingredients straight from the motherland, our ash-kicking cream is hand harvested and cold-pressed resulting in a decadent melanin magic formula that's like caviar for your skin.

That's right..we got Somethin' For That Ash!

The Best Buttas'

Out with Ash, In with Oil.

Our Roots Run Deep.

For the Culture.

So smooth..I can't get enough!

It is light and creamy and goes on smooth and doesn't feel greasy.  Keeps me moisturized for hours!

Lauren P., North Carolina

Love It!

The mixture is perfect for my skin which is naturally dry.  It really goes on nicely.  Was embarrased by the name (I am a white male) but intrigued.  I love it!

Adam P., New Jersey

The name had me dying , but it really does its job.

I found it hilarious and bought it as a gag gift for my husband but he loved it! Definitely ordering again.

Ashley R., California

Our 3 P's to Delivering a Product with a Promise

In Good Company

Did someone say Black Owned Business? You know that's right! 100% Black owned to be exact. We take pride in our heritage but never look to tear down others in an effort to do so. Responsibly celebrating the culture.

Rest assured, although made to deal with the ash of black skin, it is certainly suitable for all people fighting against the challenges of ashiness!

- Moisture Kings

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