Buy Black - The Ultimate Black Shopping/Gifting Guide 2020

So it’s the holiday season and you're beginning to see discounts and sales pop up all over the internet. This is a perfect opportunity to support black entrepreneurs and black owned businesses with your green dollars. When you buy black, you're investing in your own community. You're supporting the aspirations of black entrepreneurs and helping them to propel even further in creating more products for the community. It therefore becomes increasingly important to shop from small, black-owned businesses because you contribute directly to creating wealth within black communities and also have access to really cool, niche and sometimes one-of-a-kind products that you wouldn't find anywhere else! And remember that when you shop from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance!

Want to know some cool black owned products we are really feeling this year? Check out these cool ones! 

Somethin' For That Ash :)

Shop our ash busting creams that will get you from looking mad ashy to moisturized as hell this holiday season! The colder seasons are approaching and your skin will thank you for this blessing. We have a body cream in two sizes and a face cream. Allow us to put you on, and you won’t regret! 

Candid Tea

If you're in the market for a health product designed to make you feel good and to support your wellness, look no further than Candid Tea. This black woman-owned brand produces chemical-free and ethically sourced teas that are sure to boost your well being and uplift your general mood. From immuno-supportive teas to aged kombucha, Candid Tea has a whole range of products that you’re sure to love! Their website also has a wide variety of recipes that you can try!

FORVR Mood Candles 

Founded by YouTube sensation Jackie Aina, FORVR Mood is a luxury brand that releases seasonal candles with one-of-a-kind fragrance blends! The candles are made from 100% vegan coconut soy wax, and are therefore paraffin free and safe to burn for long hours! This holiday season, FORVR Mood released two limited edition candle collections, Sleigh SZN and Home for the Heaux-lidays, that will be gone after the new year so get on it! 

Pretty Melanin Skincare

Pretty melanin was created in response to the lack of specific, targeted products for people of color. Most popular store brands were not formulated with melanin in mind, and were full of chemical formulations. This brand offers organic, naturopathic solutions that solve a myriad of skin issues including hyperpigmentation and acne, and is completely nature-based and safe to use. Judging by the hundreds of raving reviews on their website and social media pages, this product should surely be on your shopping list for the holidays! 

Black Girl Sunscreen

We cannot stress this enough - BLACK PEOPLE NEED SUNSCREEN TOO! Even though we are blessed with melanin that largely protects us from the sun, we are still susceptible to skin damage due to current global climate challenges and ozone depletion. Conventional sunscreen sold in drug stores usually leaves an unnatural white cast on black folks, so there was a serious need to launch a melanin-friendly product on the market. Black girl sunscreen is the solution for that! Give the gift of protection this season with their range of SPF products! 

McBride Sisters Wine Collection

Wine is almost always the perfect adult stocking stuffer, and the McBride Sisters wine collection is the perfect way to support a black business in the process! With an impressive range of wines all produced in the United States, this brand is groundbreaking, and shows that black people can excel in any market! McBride Sisters has special holiday collections that are perfectly giftable and will be sure to impress your folks. 

Board Game Brothas

One of the best bonding activities with friends and fam during the holiday season is with games! And if you were looking for a unique board game starring black characters, you need to check out the Board Game Brothas! Their two launches, Rap Godz and Hoop Godz, are the perfect way to keep a family game night melanin-centered this holiday season!

Golden Grooming Co.

Good news: shopping for the brothers on your Christmas list does not have to be a hassle this year! Golden Grooming Co formulates natural products targeted at men of color. They have a range of beard grooming products that your loved ones will be sure to enjoy (and will actually use). Head over to their site to shop their holiday bundles.

CISE Clothing

You might have seen the “Protect Black Women” bag trending lately on social media, and this brand is to thank! CISE is a collection of trendy clothing and accessories that have black references and are, of course, designed and sold by black creators. If you’re looking for a hoodie to show your black pride, or even masks that send a positive message about melanin, shop CISE’s collection this holiday period! 

Orijin Bees 

We know that representation matters. This is why young black children need to see black toys to validate their beauty and cultural pride as they grow up. Orijin Bees creates a line of black dolls sporting big ‘fros and african print clothing that will surely inspire a melanin princess or prince this holiday season. If you were looking for a gift for a younger friend this season, consider one of these adorable Orijin Bees dolls! 

Breukelen Polished

Nail polish is very giftable and you should definitely consider this brand if you’re looking for a black centered brand this holiday season. Breukelen Polished creates nail polish colors that suit all shades of melanin, with focus on different nude shades that are not typically part of drug store collections! This would create a very thoughtful gift for your person that is tired of not finding their shade anywhere! 

Coco Michele Illustrations

Support a black artist this season by purchasing or commissioning some digital art from the awesome Coco Michele illustrations! Designed by artist Andrea Ballo in Upstate New York, the digital prints showcase black muses in various, creative ways.

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