Only Black People Get Ashy, Right?

FALSE.  Many times over, FALSE.

As a black male with Eczema, I have dealt with my fair share of ash, personally. I have also had white, Spanish, Indian and other friends over time who have suffered from dry skin, many way worse than me. The only difference between dark and light ash is how easy it is to see it! Black people have a tendency to show their ash a little differently.  But just because you can't see it, doesn't mean you can't feel it.

One of my friends suffered from chronic dryness in his hands, so bad that they would crack and bleed. Ugh and Ouch! His hands literally felt like alligator skin. Dry skin is one of those things that can really ruin a mood.

Picture... you're staring into the love of your life's eyes filled with passion, you got time and opportunity, but when you reach in to caress their soft smooth skin. Suddenly, you hear a slight scraping noise? A slight cringe appears across your love's face. Busted!! That's your ashy ass hands scratchin' up your love. SMH. They weren't itching to be scratched, c'mon.  Time for a change!

Whatever your melanation level, we got Somethin' For Your Ash

Stop killing the mood...kick some ash instead!

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