The Beauty of Black Skin

Whether you’re jammin’ to Kendrick’s The Blacker the Berry or you have James Brown’s “Say it Loud - I’m black and I’m Proud” on repeat, you’re absolutely on the right wave! For centuries, black people have been forced to hear FALSE statements about our skin being dirty or unworthy or just plain ugly. We had no way to fight that narrative. Now we know it was all a hot pile of BS. Cue the 1960’s and the black power movement and we began to know for sure that our skin was poppin’. Since then, blackness has become a symbol of pride and beauty. Black people found the audacity to love and appreciate their skin and this set the world in motion towards a grand and beautiful future! 

Although a lot of black people have embraced their skin and enjoy being melanted kings and queens, some are still struggling to believe in their beauty. That’s alright. Learning to love yourself in a world that literally tells you everyday that you shouldn’t is a big challenge, but it is an absolutely worthwhile one to take up! Learning to love your skin means that you wake up everyday feeling amazed by the power and the glory of your existence. Black skin is magic! You need to start believing that!

In celebration of our absolute adoration for all shades of chocolate skin, here are 5 great reasons why you should love on your gorgeous black skin extra hard today: 

You’re going to be twenty-fine forever! 

They say black don’t crack for a reason. Take a look in the mirror and enjoy what you see because that’s going to be your reflection for a loooong time to come! One of the joys of being black is staying young and beautiful forever! Our skin retains its natural elasticity (if you care for it!), slowing down the aging process significantly. We all know that one aunty that has looked 28 years old for the last ten years! Keep that skin nice and moisturized and it will serve you well for years to come.

You’re literally wearing a God-given shield

Black skin is naturally melanated, meaning that it protects you from those irritating UV rays. Your beautiful black skin was literally built to fight battles with the sun - and WIN every single time! Seriously! That melanin is your full, shiny armor! Now this is not your license to ditch sunscreen. Black folks need to wear it too (ozone depletion is crazy out here, protect yo’self). But enjoy the fact that the pigment in your skin is fighting extra hard to keep you safe. That gorgeous brown skin was engineered and perfected just for your safety. Just by being alive, your skin is working hard for your sake! Now if this isn’t magic then I don’t know what is!

The world was birthed from people with skin like yours

There have been countless studies that have proven that humans originated from a single black origin. A melanated being. Someone with skin just like yours! The world was birthed by our people. We are the reason that humans exist and the reason that the world is what it is today. We are the originators of life, the blueprint that humans were patterned after. And like in everything else, we set the tone and the world follows! Whenever you doubt the validity of your black beautiful skin, remember that melanin is where it all started, and melanin is absolutely where it’s at!

Black skin is a symbol of strength and resistance

For years unending, black people have perfected the art of resilience. No matter what we are put through, we rise up like phoenixes and we shine. Even though the struggles we face everyday can get overwhelming, we get up and we do the damn thing! Our skin signifies internal strength, resourcefulness, power and a will to live! We are survivors and warriors and we will always overcome. When you look at your skin, be sure to note that black is the color of resistance, and like so many others before you, you will conquer every obstacle that is thrown in your path.

‘Cos Beyonce said so!

When she says “your skin just like pearls, the best thing in the world”, you better believe it! Black skin is glorious to behold! It is deep and rich and contains life and soul. Cherish your skin because it is absolutely beautiful. From your curly hair, to your soul-filled eyes, to your beautiful black skin, you are absolutely the epitome of beauty. But if you don’t believe me, you better believe Queen B! 

Even though we have seen many movements promoting the love of black skin recently, it is important to note that black skin is not a trend. It is a life force and a permanent symbol of beauty. We need to make sure that we know that our black skin is fire, it’s ageless, its magic, and it will never fade! Be proud of the skin you’re in because it is rich and beautiful - it has always been, and it always will be. 

And if you’re looking for some tunes to jam to, perhaps while you nourish your skin with Somethin' For That Ash, Shea Butter Baby by Ari Lennox, Wale’s BGM or Melanin by Ciara are old favorites!

Show up and show out for your beautiful black skin. We’re absolutely here for it!

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